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Spending too much time behind the computer? Your body grown numb and you eyes hurting
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15 October 2008

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Owing to the hectic work schedules it is quite possible that you may often end up sitting in front of your computers for hours which can cause monotony and also affect your performance level. To give optimum performance and maintain a good working pace, it’s necessary to take short breaks so that you can give rest and refresh your eyes, body and mind. But, being busy in work, you often forget to take such breaks, and hence affect you health and finally your work as well. To avoid such a condition, and take the required short breaks you can try the assistance of WorkSMART 1.0.1 application. Once set, the application never fails in reminding you of taking the break at the necessary interval of time. It helps you in reminding you to take breaks, lunch time, and time to leave for home.

WorkSMART 1.0.1 application shows up in a small program window which consists of all the necessary features to set the preferences. It stays at the system tray making it easily accessible and does the work of reminding. You need to configure the application features once and then it would perform the reminding task all by itself. Firstly you have to enter your name, and then enter the time when your work begins and ends. The time setting is easy as the number can be scrolled and selected. You can even enter the time when your lunch begins and ends, and you can even mark or unmark the time for reminding, as required. Then the selection comes to the setting the short breaks time, select the time when you want the program to remind you of taking a short break. Finally select the time limit of the short break. You can view the ‘Statistics’ and then finally click on ‘Hide Program’ option to minimize the program to system tray.

WorkSMART 1.0.1 application performs its reminding task diligently, and helps you to feel refreshed and perform your work with optimum performance. The application helps you in taking care of your health, and be a better performer at work and its usability earns it a score of 3 rating points.

Publisher's description

Spending too much time behind the computer?
Your body grown numb and you eyes hurting after another long workday?
Optimize your time with WorkSMART!
WorkSMART is a small software program that sits in the system tray menu of your computer and periodically reminds you to have short breaks, reminds you when its time to have lunch :) and when its time to go home :)
The WorkSMART tray menu icon changes its state depending on how long you will work on the computer. In this way you can quickly decide if its time to have a break.
WorkSMART also calculates how much time you spend on each program you are working with, allowing you to optimize your work time by concentrating on the more important tasks (programs).
In the next upcoming version of the program, we will add small and effective exercises that will help you to relax your eyes. Check out our web site periodically!
Version 1.0.1
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